Caller ID Faker – How to Fake Your Caller ID With SpoofCard

SpoofCard Caller ID FakerHave you ever wanted to return a call but not give away your telephone number?  Just out of pure fun, have you ever thought of making prank calls to family and friends, especially around Halloween?  Whatever your (legal) intent, it is now possible to hide your real telephone number especially to people you don’t want to share it with, by replacing it with a spoofed number.

How does SpoofCard work?

SpoofCard offers services that will allow you to let people see the number you intend for them to see.  No need to use special devices or install anything extra on your phone.  Just sign up with us and we will assign you the caller ID you want others to see.  We will give you a PIN which you will use every time you make a spoof call.

But isn’t that illegal?

All the product features of SpoofCard are legal in the United States.

What is illegal is “to mislead, defraud or deceive the recipient of a telephone call,” especially if it is made for personal gain.  So when you make a spoof call, do some research first. There are certain States in the U.S. where spoof calling may be prosecuted, whether there is harm done or not.  So when you make a call, make sure that where you are calling from and where you are calling to allows spoof calling without consequences of the law.

Further, it is illegal to impersonate people of authority, like police officers or other professionals of the law enforcement.  To that end, there are certain numbers that you cannot spoof, like 911, emergency hotlines of law enforcement departments, health care facilities, financial institutions and schools.

You mentioned that SpoofCard has other capabilities?

Yes.  SpoofCard also allows you to record conversations for future reference.  However, as with spoof calling, you have to make sure that the other party is aware that the calls are recorded.  It is illegal to record conversations without prior permission from the party you are talking to.

You can also mask your voice.  SpoofCard has the ability to change the pitch and tone of your voice so even people close to you will not recognize who you are.  This feature, like spoof-calling, is intended for fun and should be used with discretion.

What number will appear on the other party’s telephone bill?

The number you entered as your spoof number will be the one shown in the other party’s bill.

Can the calls be traced back to my real number?

No.  Calls will never be traced back to you.  What the other party sees is your spoofed caller ID.

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Spoofcard was featured in the Sony blockbuster movie “Untraceable” released in the beginning of 2008. For a free trial of Spoofcard go here for a FREE call and see for yourself how awesome Spoofcard really is.

Spoofcard is the newest step in privacy innovation. Now You can make calls without exposing your phone number, record conversations for personal security or maybe just play a joke with your friends!.

When using Spoofcard, you can:

  • Make business calls without giving out your number
  • Prank your friends
  • Record conversations for your own protection
  • Use Spoofcard with almost any phone

Spoofcard also gives you the option to change your voice from male to female (and of course female to male) to really catch your friends off guard. Record your conversations and play back the recording at our convenience. SpoofCard is totally legal and totally safe. No information is released to anyone else.

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